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Orvis' New Teddy Roosevelt Collection Pledges 5% To Conservation

With that in mind, this year I'll be investing in a series of fall jackets perfect for facing any weather forecast, sans layering. 65 degrees, you say? I'll reach for a jacket like the ones above: a slightly sporty, canvas utility jacket (or army jacket, or field jacket, whatever you want to call it). It'll buffer me from wind and give me a bit of warmth, but if it gets super-sunny and I start to feel like maybe I jaket korea online could face the world without it, it's also roll-up-in-my-bag-able, which silk blazers and leather moto jackets are not. (You see? Not all "light fall jackets" are created equal.) Different ones are better suited to different forecasts, and this style seems to have "pleasant and mid-60s temperatures" written all over it. .

That's cool and all, but we were more stoked on the Kenzo Cloud bomber jacket that he was wearing. Drake has been stuck in the '90s lately , but he's taken his time to wear more fashion-forward brands such as Highland and Gitman Vintage . And wearing this jacket that's slightly business in the front and all-out rager in the back is more our speed. No disrespect to the '90s gear, we love it . It's just exciting to see Drake move in new directions, both musically and style-wise. If you were wondering wear you get this look, Selfridges has the same jacket right now, but it's not cheap. It's going for $656 right now.

Smith's jacket, a 43 long, was believed to be lost, but last month the auction house received a call from a distant family member who lives near Atlanta. The jacket had been hanging in a closet for decades. Smith won the first Masters, then known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, in 1934. He won it again in 1936.

(Orvis) By Adam Tschorn September 20, 2013, 12:12 p.m. Orvis, the Vermont-based upscale outfitters of the outdoorsy set, has rolled out a Theodore Roosevelt -themed roundup of apparel and accessories that will send 5% of sales to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. It consists of just 10 pieces (one J-FLEECE http://jaketsweaterkorea.com of which is Douglas Brinkley's book "The Wilderness Warrior") including a pair of vintage twill miner's pants ($139), a leather vest (with buffalo-nickel snaps, $350), a poplin shirt (tailored, according to the company's website, in the style of those worn by TR's Rough Riders, $98), a shawl collar pullover sweater in a Western-inspired print (dubbed "Badlands," $98), a leather jacket ($850), a felted rabbit fur hat ($169), a belt ($79), a pocket watch ($149) and a series of leather-bound national park atlases ($59 each). While Orvis' Roosevelt collection feels more like a thematic grouping of pieces than actual TR-inspired merchandise (save the hat's braided horsehair hatband, described as "a replica of one in Roosevelt's museum") it's hard to argue when the company has pledged to donate 5% of sales to the TRCP (each jacket sale, for example, would net a $44.75 donation, each pair of trousers, $6.95). Having just toured the revamped Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall at the American Museum of Natural History , we'd urge Orvis -- or anybody else for that matter -- to dig a little deeper into the wardrobe and stylistic flourishes of the conservation president. The man certainly knew his way around a natty neckerchief and the fringed buckskin jacket on display there, with its floral design embellishments, is a thing of beauty.

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