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Bucs Not Permitted To Wear Throwback Helmets This Season

Helicopters dropping supplies and evacuating residents stranded by floodwaters were flying back and forth over Hughes Stadium to a nearby airfield during the Rams' game last Saturday against Cal Poly. The floodwaters have worked their way east now and are causing additional damage to homes and highways throughout northeastern Colorado. McElwain and other school officials are encouraging fans to provide assistance to the relief efforts in any way they can, and said he made a personal contribution Thursday to the American Red Cross' disaster relief fund. "It's important that we step forward and assist the victims and the responders in whatever manner possible," McElwain said.

Teams can still wear throwback uniforms in 2013, but players have to wear their regular helmets. For instance, the Bills wore throwback uniforms in Week 2, but their throwback helmets are the same color as their current helmets: white. So players were able to wear their regular helmets because all the Bills had to do was change decals. "While we regret that our players will not be able to don the 'Bucco Bruce' helmet and traditional orange, red and white uniforms, there simply was no acceptable way to meet the requirements of the new policy while staying true to the spirit of our throwback theme," chief operating officer Brian Ford said in a statement.

No word yet on what the Atlanta Falcons (red instead of black), Washington Redskins (yellow/burgundy) or New England Patriots (white/silver) will do with their recently worn throwback uniforms that feature differently colored helmets from their normal get-ups. jual sweater korea J-FLEECE http://jaketsweaterkorea.com murah The TBO.com article also stated that the league recently reached a $765 million settlement regarding concussion-related brain injuries among its 18,000 retired players. The NFL also agreed to compensate victims, pay for medical examinations and underwrite research. Other proactive steps made in preventing head injuries have been fines and suspensions for helmet-to-helmet hits, including the recent one-game suspension of Bucs safety Dashon Goldson for his hit on New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles in a loss on Sunday. The suspension was rescinded, but Goldson has still been fined $100,000, according to ESPN.com .

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