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Fall Fashion With Larry G(ee): Swag Is For Boys, Class Is For Men (photos)

"Original Penguin is catering to the Miami Guy that has traded the beach side boardwalk for the chic poolside," says Brand Product Manager Erica Feldenkreis, "We always want to ensure our guy is fashionable but comfortable in his own skin, so we ensure that the colors and prints can be worn at any place, even long after the sun is down." The Design District Master planners Duany Plater-Zyberk with the help of a team of architects are turning a once overlooked area into a vibrant destination for design, fashion, art and more. If youre looking for luxury retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hermes (and perhaps a piece of art for that blank wall), this is where you need to be. "Miamis fashion sense is unique due to the influx and mixture of different cultures and backgrounds," says Dune Ivan of Apt 606. "The Design District has given Miami a little taste of Soho in a sense.

They design tailored looks of note for the thinking women which manage to combine utilitarianism and glamour. Lulu Guinness Showing under the Emerging category in the Designer Showrooms, Danielle Romerills vision for next season is a combination of white on white contrasted with jade green on black pieces. This season is based around bubblewrap and sticky tape, inspired by the constant sending back and forth of garments for photoshoots and press loans. Her manipulation of fabrics to execute designs, including panels hanging in transparencies and use of everyday materials such as waterproof sports tape, mark her out as a considered hand. Her coat and visor was featured and worn by uber blogger Susie Lau in The Fashion Daily. Liam Fahy continues as one of the most engaging and creative young thinkers in fashion.

Im not one wholl say they are looking beautiful or pamper their egos. If they are looking bad, Ill say it to them on their faces. So, I might be their favourite outside the film world, but not in it, he smiles. Specialising in resort wear, minimalism and eco-friendly fashion, the designer says he doesnt bother about trends. Indians shouldnt bother about trends, he admonishes, adding, Indian men and women are wise and wear what suits them.

Elsewhere, Vivienne Westwood stayed true to her natural eccentricities and channeled medieval peasants, whereas Viktor & Rolf's collection disappointed by losing the creative energy achieved in their last, abstract couture show. JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Such was the creative mayhem of the Gaultier presentation, it seemed as if the clothes took second place. The collection opened with several looks in black lace, studs and leather with asymmetrical paneling. They seemed to channel the movie "Grease," with the reference brought home loud and clear when two models danced like Sandy and Danny on the podium to the sound of "You're the One That I Want." The best of the rather confusing collection were the parts to not use gimmicks. A series of stones colored coats cut a stylish look, one hanging over the torso in circular, diagonal strips as if ripe for the peeling. Elsewhere, an on-trend metallic jacket and baggy pants came in a great burnt bronze, with a complementary dark orange top.

"I don't really ever regret purchases. I regret items that I spend a lot jual blazer korea keren of money on and don't wear. The more experience you get the more wiser you become and avoid these purchases and making mistakes. I am the one shopping for people so they J-FLEECE http://jaketsweaterkorea.com don't make those mistakes so I know not to make them for myself. Any mistake I make can be rectified somewhere as I can always use clothing for a shoot." Cameron Diaz Has a celebrity ever told you they were offended by one of your Fashion Police comments and how did you react?

We switched the gears up for a bit and ramped up the conversation chatting about fall fashion with g(EE). As any fashionisto or fashionista would know--in the warmer seasons, it's all about the layering; something that g(EE) admits to mastering. Exclusively for Examiner.com, famed Dallas photographer Thomas Garza , shot the musician (now turned model) in fall looks by West Village boutique Warehaus to further highlight g(EE)'s obsession with fashion and style. Examiner.com: What excites you most about fall fashion?

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